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Energy Certificate

Since 1 June 2013, it has been compulsory for all homes and premises that are going to be leased or sold to have an energy certificate (Royal Decree 235/2013). This applies equally to new constructions and existing buildings/homes/premises.

The certificate must be issued by an authorised technician (engineers, engineering technicians, architects or builders). The authorised certification programs can be downloaded free of charge by technicians from the Ministry of Industry website.

Registering certificates

In the Basque Autonomous Community, responsibility for registering energy efficiency certificates lies with the Basque Government's directorate  of energy.

Registration of new and existing constructions began on Friday 26 July 2013 and can only be performed online.

Because registration is online, certificates must be registered at the followingURL, in order to obtain the energy label. This process is entirely FREE OF CHARGE.

It is RECOMMENDED that the registration should be made by a certified technician..

The only requirements are as follows:

  • The registering party must have an ELECTRONIC SIGNATURE with:
  • All mandatory fields must be completed and
  • The energy certificate report (.pdf) must be attached, with the corresponding file, in any of the homologated programs, compressed in WINZIP.
  • Finally, the registry will return the Energy Label by telematic means.

Telephone for inquiries on the COMPUTER APPLICATION: 012 (+34 945.018.000 outside the Basque Country).

For queries regarding energy certification and its regulatory processing:

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