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Natural gas

It is a natural energy source of fossil origin. Given its characteristics and low level of emissions, it is considered cleaner than coal and oil – and its derived products-, which it replaces directly. It is a key energy in the transition towards a model increasingly based on renewable energy sources.



  • The use of natural gas is widespread in Euskadi, in industry and in the home.
  • It is the cleanest energy within fossil-based fuels, as it has significantly lower CO2 and NOx emissions in comparison with oil and coal. It replaces these two directly, so is considered the energy of transition towards renewables.
  • The technology used to extract it is very mature and provides all the technical and environmental guarantees required.
  • It does not produce heavy residues.
  • Its use is very flexible and offers a high yield, because highly efficient energy technologies can be applied to it that are unthinkable in the cases of coal or oil.
  • The level of gas in the market is very high.


  • It is not renewable, so produces emissions.
  • Like other fossil fuels, it has to be imported from other countries (if local resources are not researched or exploited).
  • Large-scale infrastructures are required for its storage.

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