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SIreNERGY (Social Innovation in Renewable Energy) is funded by the INTERREG EUROPE programme and led by Leartibai Fundazioa. It began in March 2023 and will run to February 2027.

The overall aim is to improve regional and national policies in order to increase the share of energy from renewables in rural areas, by improving information for local consumers and empowering self-consumers to generate, store, consume and sell electricity.

The project also has a number of specific goals:

  • To integrate renewable energy strategies into local, regional and national economic development strategies in order to reflect local potential and needs.
  • To include renewables in key supply chains in rural areas, such as agriculture, forestry, traditional manufacturing and eco-tourism.
  • To ensure local acceptance, by explaining the benefit to local communities of using renewables as a low-carbon alternative and engaging them in the design, financing and management process.
  • To increase the involvement of energy consumers as active players in the development of new renewables.
  • To promote synergic dynamics to generate renewable energy projects, taking into account the natural resources of the rural environment, the stakeholders involved and other projects already underway.

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