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The European project REnewable Low TEmperature District (RELaTED) introduces the concept of low temperature (50-55ºC) or very low temperature (45ºC) in the distribution networks of new domestic heating systems (DHs), which appear as the solution for decarbonization in heating systems in European cities. The DHs allow the integration of several heat sources – both residual and renewable – with high levels of efficiency at different economies of scale.


DHs represent 12% of heating systems in Europe. With the aim of increasing this percentage, innovative technological solutions are needed to smooth the path for the introduction of new DHs and the modernization of existing ones.

A solution to be applied to speed up this evolution is the reduction of energy intensity in housing units through a gradual change towards buildings that consume almost zero energy (NZEB), and even with a positive energy balance. DHs with a low temperature in the distribution network present fewer technical limitations when heat sources with less energy are incorporated. Likewise, operating costs are lower because heat losses are reduced and energy generation installations achieve a better level of operation by using renewable sources or residual heat. In the process of replacement of the present heat networks to others with a lower distribution temperature, it will be necessary to analyse the possible problems that may arise such as anti-legionella treatments, the adaptation of heat supply systems or the direct injection of energy from renewable sources into the grid.

RELaTED sets out to solve these problems by providing a demo solution of the concept at very low temperature in the distribution network of new DHs, as well as the gradual conversion of existing networks.

What is the scope of the project?

  • Studies were carried out at regional level to evaluate the viability of the introduction of the concept of very low temperature in DHs in regions in the south and centre of Europe.
  • RELaTED will have four demo projects covering different climatic areas and sizes of distribution networks in Denmark, Estonia, Serbia and the Basque Country.

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