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The lack of adequate coordination on aspects related to the regulation, financing, and management of energy efficiency measures within the urban regeneration initiatives, as well as the frequent lack of alignment between public officials at various levels, are hampering the possible benefits of facing these processes from an integral perspective


Project objective

The FosterREG project (1/06/15 to 31/05/17) has the goal of improving the public capacity on a local, regional, and national level, to plan, finance, and administrate integrated urban regeneration projects through which energy efficiency and sustainable energy are promoted. To do this, the project will work on the creation of capacities, the promotion and articulation of multi-level coordination between administrations, with the establishment or strengthening of regional, national, and European networks.

Derived impacts

The project's direct impact centres on reaching a better understanding among civil servants from local, regional, and national entities of the challenges and opportunities for planning, financing, and implementing energy efficiency policies in urban regeneration plans. The indirect impacts are related to the influence on new local, regional, or national energy efficiency and integrated urban regeneration plans, and more broadly to the impact buildings renovated following plans and guidelines developed by the project have on end users.

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