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Launched in 2021 and due to run through 2025, EuropeWave is an innovative R&D project that seeks to boost the development of wave energy technology demonstration projects. The project combines more than €22.5 million in national, regional and EU funding to drive a competitive pre-commercial procurement programme (PCP) for wave energy.

Originally pioneered by Wave Energy Scotland, this PCP model offers a structured approach, fostering greater openness, collaboration and risk sharing between the public sector and technology developers. The programme will focus on design, development and demonstration of cost-effective wave energy collector (WEC) systems for generating electricity, capable of surviving in harsh and unpredictable offshore conditions.

Funded by the EU's Horizon 2020 programme, the project is a collaboration between Wave Energy Scotland (WES), the Basque Energy Agency (EVE) and Ocean Energy Europe (OEE). This partnership is closely linked to European Green Pact goals on decarbonisation, industry and competitiveness and will help meet the European Commission's targets of increasing output from marine energy to 100 MW by 2025 and at least 1 GW by 2030.

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