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Geology and Mining

The activity of this department of EVE takes place along four differentiated lines:

  • Creation and maintenance of a documentary infrastructure on the geology and mining resources of the Basque Country.
The documentation available includes:
  • Geological and mining maps.
  • Databases of potential resources in the mineral, metal and industrial sectors.
  • Databases of geological and mining exploratory surveys.
To carry out this work efficiently, cooperation agreements are reached with other public institutions in the Spanish State.
  • Research into mineral resources in the Basque Country.
Performance of research projects into metal sector and industrial mining resources.
  • Provision of consultancy and consultation services in the geology/mining field.
Mainly aimed at Public Administration bodies in the Basque Country: Municipal Councils, Territorial Administrations and the Regional Government. The above services mainly focus on:
  • Risk studies associated with old mining infrastructures.
  • Plans for the mining sector.
  • Valorising the geological and mining heritage.
  • Supporting the management of companies participated in by EVE.
Exploration and production of oil & gas. See

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