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Más de 65.000 certificaciones de eficiencia energética de edificios registradas en Euskadi

  • El certificado de eficiencia energética es obligatorio para toda transacción, compra, venta o alquiler de inmuebles, locales y edificios.
  • El Gobierno Vasco prevé comenzar a sancionar en infracciones que atenten contra el derecho a esta información, decisiva en la toma de decisiones de los consumidores.



Regional minister for economic development visits site of manufacture of first Basque wave-power generating device

The prototype, designed by Basque company Oceantec, is being assembled at the Navacel facilities in Erandio. The project is backed by Ente Vasco de la Energía with EU support via the OPERA project.

  • The scale model of the device will be tested in the autumn at the Bimep offshore test site at Armintza.
  • The Basque Country aspires to become a knowledge hub in the area of wave energy, creating a new industrial sector in this field.
  • The Basque Energy Strategy to 2030 sets a target of covering 19% of power supply with renewables and 21% of all energy consumed.
  • 18/07/2016

    The wave energy plant in Mutriku reaches a production milestone with the renewable energy of waves by generating more than 1GWh

    The installation has been generating energy without interruption for 5 years

  • The renewable energy is channelled into the general distribution grid and supplies the needs of approximately 100 families in a year.
  • Mutriku is also an important link in the chain of marine technology research that will subsequently be tested in floating devices at sea.
  • The Basque Government's E2030 Energy Strategy reinforces the goal of renewable electricity generation so that, by means of combining different technologies, it can reach 19% of the electricity consumed in the Basque Country by the year 2030 and 21% of the total energy demanded.
  • 06/07/2016

    Ente Vasco de la Energía (EVE) and EDP complete the sale of 5% of their participation in Naturgas for 33.3 million euros

    By virtue of the right to buy on the participation that was in the power of EVE


    Finaliza el Plan Renove de Electrodomésticos con 13.910 unidades sustituidas

  • Las ayudas han contribuido con 80€ a los electrodomésticos de alta eficiencia clase A+++, y con 65€ a aquellos de clase A++.
  • Se ha destinado una dotación de 1 millón de euros.
  • 04/06/2016

    Eficiencia energética y energías renovables en Bioterra 2016

    La feria se celebra este fin de semana en Ficoba, Irun

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